This is a copy of the original Tunbridge Wells Flashmob website which died a death when Yahoo! pulled the plug on Geocities.

Yes, the website really did look like this.

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Festival Goodfairy

I was there taking part at the first flashmob in Tunbridge Wells on Saturday!

I dived on the floor and swam for my life after hearing someone shouting "Shark"!

It was brilliant! I did get a little dusty but it was well worth it!

Look forward to the next one!


I don't normally do silly things, but there's nothing silly about making people smile. However, there's something strange about knowing the future, especially when the future itself is strange.

At 2:28pm on Saturday, I leant against the bandstand and scanned the hundred people around me, most of whom had absolutely no idea that they were about to witness something completely absurd. They'd just come here to shop, drink, eat ice cream and walk about in the afternoon sunshine.

I'd never done anything like this before, and I didn't know what to expect. There were plenty of people milling about, but how many were gentle subversives like myself, and how many were innocent bystanders? Would there be an embarrassingly small number of us? Would I feel like an idiot? Yes, I decided. I was still wondering about the point of it all when somebody yelled "Shark!". In these situations, there's no time to think; your survival instinct takes over. Down I went, swimming furiously. It's hard to do the breaststroke on concrete, but we weren't trying to earn points for style - or for distance covered. After my ten ungainly strokes, I got up and walked away. I managed to avoid eye contact with the bemused, confused faces staring back at us, but I was listening intently to the silence, the chatter and the laughter that naturally followed as people tried to make sense of what they'd just witnessed. Maybe some of them still haven't made sense of it.

Well done Tunbridge Wells. You're a town with a heart, a soul and a sense of fun.

By the way, I didn't feel like an idiot. I felt great.


I just wanted to thank you for such a liberating experience - that was the most fun that i've had in ages on a saturday afternoon.

I came along with my best friend, my son (who is only 11 months old - possibly youngest twells flashmobber???) and my mum and dad???!!!

We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and my Dad took some photos of the event.

What can i say....let the next one be soon

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