This is a copy of the original Tunbridge Wells Flashmob website which died a death when Yahoo! pulled the plug on Geocities.

Yes, the website really did look like this.

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Tunbridge Wells Flash Mob

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Wow, it happened. After two weeks of wondering whether anyone would actually turn up, they did. The whole thing was great, I'd thoroughly recommend it to anyone - although I'm a little disturbed at how much my knees hurt today! Thanks to all those who took part... we couldn't have done it without you.


First of all I would like to thank all those that took part. It is reassuring that there are elements of Tunbridge Wells that can enjoy themselves by doing something very silly.

There was something of the Spy Movie about the occasion whilst waiting to give out the instructions. Extra Brownie points to those who entered into the spirit by approaching me with Secret Agent speak.

I apologise to the person who wanted to chat about Flashmob. Unfortunately circumstances prevented it.

The swim itself was refreshing. Any thoughts of foolishness seemed to evaporate as everyone dived in. Although I couldn't see much, I could hear titters emanating from around the bandstand.

I hope we all have good memories from this half-hour of absurdity.

Blind Lemon Curd

I was standing by the crossroads at midnight, well actually I wasn't, I was sitting in the Beau Nash after consuming a few too many Kronenbourgs. I was discussing the first London flashmob with my companions Cybil and Boris. We agreed that Tunbridge Wells needed a flashmob as well and so we hatched a plan. The very next day Cybil set up the website and it was too late to back out.

On the day of the flashmob we met at 1pm at the Spa (I am aware that a theme is developing here but what the hell) and put the final touches to the days activities. At 1.45pm we left the Spa and headed to the Duke of York, separating on the way so that our cover wasn't blown. Boris sat with his back to the pub, whilst Cybil and I sat having a pint and trying not to look too suspicious. It was great fun watching people approach Boris and ask for the instructions. It was even more fun hearing people discuss what they were about to do and to this visually impaired old blues man at least there appeared to a real buzz about the place.

At 2.30pm we headed over to the bandstand and after doing a quick lap of the vicinity I bellowed "SHARK". It was great to see fellow mobsters hitting the ground and doing their best Thorpedo impressions. I was swimming right in front of the Swan so I could hear the titters and confused mumblings of our audience. I'd love to know what they thought was going on.

After my regulation ten strokes, I headed off for further liquid refreshment with my accomplices and many chuckles were shared over the afternoon.

Thanks guys, you made my bank holiday.

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